January 18, 2018

About Exprolink

Exprolink is manufacturer of the renowned Madvac product line. Vehicles are assembled and shipped from our company headquarters in Montreal, Canada.

Madvac began its activities in 1987 and quickly developed a lasting impression in the industry for the quality and uniqueness of its diferent compact outdoor cleaning machines.

With 4000+ units sold around the world, Madvac solidified its name and global presence in both public and private sector markets. In 2011 Exprolink purchased the Madvac product line.

Between 2012 to 2014 the company established its dealer network across the United States, Canada and in the international market. Last year, Exprolink sold a record number of units and is now of the fastest growing litter / sweeper / vacuum manufactures in the world.


2017 marks Madvac’s 30th year anniversary. This coincides with the upcoming launch of a new, innovative line of Madvac products known as Madvac 2.0.

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