Madvac Compact Sweepers & Vacuums

Madvac LS275

Compact Sweeper with High Dump


The perfect solution for all your outdoor sweeping needs.

The new Madvac® LS275 is specifically designed to address today’s urban cleaning challenges.

• Sweep litter on narrow, hard to reach areas that have various obstacles and different surface types:

Area : Sidewalks, bike and pedestrian lanes, parking lots, curb side, alleys, public markets, etc.

Obstacles : Bus shelters, lamp posts, benches, etc.

Paving type : Asphalt, concrete, cobblestone, brick

Madvac is the ultimate sweep / vacuum / wash mobile cleaning unit.

Versatile, easy to operate, the LS275 can service shopping malls, educational and sports facilities, airports, casinos, amusement parks, seaports, military bases, industrial areas, etc. – in short, any environment that faces litter control issues.

Simple ergonomic controls, all-round visibility, safe to drive in crowded areas - does not require a CDL permit.

Madvac LS275 Highlights


  • High-capacity 2.75 cu. yd. (2.1 m3) stainless steel hopper with 67’’ (1702 mm) hydraulic dumping height;
  • Low overall height of 78˝ (1981 mm) ideal for tree-lined roads and underground parking garages;
  • Sweep path from 44” (1118 mm) to 100” (2540 mm) for easy cleaning of tight and wide areas;
  • Narrow 48” (1219 mm) width to sweep hard to reach areas;
  • Vacuum power 3500 CFM;
  • Travel speed up to 18 Mph (30km) - working speed up to 8 Mph (13km) for clean and fast sweeping.

New Innovative Dust & Debris Filtration System

Dust control performed by water jet on each brush with no dust from the hopper due to unique Madvac RDDF System (Rotary Debris & Dust Filtration)® Centrifugal 1200 RPM rotary knife pulverizing dust & litter before exhausting maximum 10 PPM dust emission.


  • Superior handling, better stability, better curb-climbing capability;
  • 159-gal (600L) water capacity for fewer fill-ups and longer shifts;
  • Brush rotation & down pressure controlled from cab;
  • 270-degree cab vision & glass door;
  • Adjustable suspended air seat with 3-point seat belt;
  • Adjustable arm rest with illuminated switches;
  • Two front brushes independently controlled from cab;
  • Single traction pedal – neutral, forward & reverse (no shifter).


  • Simple, reliable mechanical design for less annual maintenance and repair;
  • Straight-through suction system;
  • Side-mounted fan design makes it impossible for little to jam the fan;
  • Easy access to electrical panel and hydraulic routing.


The Madvac Advantage

Only compact urban cleaning unit built and serviced in North America

  • Specifically designed for North American working conditions;
  • Simple mechanical design;
  • Robust, 10 to 12-year lifespan;
  • Dealers across North America are the best outdoor cleaning expert;
  • Parts shipped within 48 hours;
  • Modular design to suit your needs.Create your ideal compact sweeper.



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