We are pleased to announce that production of our new-generation electric LN50 and LR50 litter vacuums will begin in November 2021!

These unique, lithium-ion battery-powered machines will cater to all customers who favor eco-efficient solutions for their fleet.

Our units will run using one of the best, most effective compact battery models on the market. LN50/LR50 battery packs will offer 3 times better “Energy per weight and volume” ratio in the industry.

Madvac lithium nickel manganese cobalt (Li NMC) battery packs (2 batteries) will provide up to 9hrs of autonomy. Batteries charged using standard Level 2 SAE charger J1772 at 6 kw.
Clients who do not have this type of charging station can still purchase our electric models and use an adaptor plugged to the charger that will enable using 120-volt wall sockets for charging.
Stay-tuned for more exciting news on our all-electric litter vacuums. Till then, if you have any questions or for more info, use the Contact Us page to forward your message.

Take note production of the electric LS175 sweeper will begin summer 2022.

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