Madvac Solution for
Fence Lines

LP61-G Portable Litter Vacuum

Our LP61-G is specifically designed for fence line litter – and many other applications too! Available skid mount or trailer mount, this low-maintenance machine is compact, lightweight, and easy to use. Standard 25 ft. hose can be extended to up to 50 ft. long. The perfect solution for quick and safe fence line litter removal.

LR175 High-Dump Litter Vacuum

If your fence lines run close to a hard surface, the LR175 is also a very interesting option to consider: aside from being a 1-man operation, this machine offers much greater litter capacity than the LP61-G, with a climate controlled cab, tip to dump container, and optional features such a pressure washer and 15-foot retractable wader hose.  

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