Excelway Multi-Purpose Cleaning and Maintenance Vehicles

In late 2021 Exprolink Inc. acquired the Excelway line of multi-purpose
cleaning and maintenance vehicles from renowned Spanish company
AUSA. Exprolink’s production line of these unique and incomparable
machines will begin in 2023 and will be the only specialty vehicles within their respective product category built in North America. This proximity to the market will greatly appeal to any customer who values quick turnaround time for parts and service.


Excelway multi-purpose vehicles enable significant cost savings and are environmentally friendly.  With its unique, quick connect ILink system, a 100% sweeper can easily be transformed within minutes to become a 100% snow plow, or a 100% salt spreader, or 100% hot water truck for a choice of pressure washing, watering, or washing porous surfaces, and more!   

Excelway compact multi-purpose vehicles have 4-wheel drive / 4-wheel steer capability to easily access and manage your most challenging environments. Having a reduced fleet comprised of robust, reliable, easy to operate, easy to transform multi-purpose vehicles makes sense. This is what Excelway products is all about.


The new Excelway website in now online! Visit https://excelwayusa.com for detailed information on our different models. 


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