Madvac Solution for
Sidewalks, Curbs & Alleys

LS175 Mini Sweeper

For sidewalks, curbs, and alleys, our most popular model is the LS175 sweeper because of its hopper capacity, tip-to-dump container, and sweeper brushes. Alternative model is the electric LS125 sweeper – more costly than the LS175, but zero emission, and additional performance capability.

Electric All-Terrain Litter Vacuums

The zero-emission LN50 and LR50 can also be a great fit for this application – can’t hold as much litter as the LS175 or the LS125, however LN/LR models are less costly and have what it takes for quick and efficient litter pick-up on your busy sidewalks, curbs and alleys, and most importantly, they’re electric!

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